Build Better, Build Green

Palladium Homes is leading the way in building homes that are not only good for our homeowners, but also good for the environment.  We look at your home as a unified system from initial design through construction, and all the way through the life cycle of the home.  By integrating human needs and desires into a system that supports and sustains a healthy, natural environment, we are striving to be better stewards.

To achieve these goals, Palladium Homes is committed to certifying all of our homes as Energy Star rated homes.  In order for a home to be certified, it must pass a number of independent third-party inspections at various stages during construction.  These inspections guarantee that your home exceeds the model energy code by 15% and qualifies for a 5% discount on your monthly electric service from Progress Energy.  By installing an energy management system in your home, we can control the kilowatt usage of your home, thus saving up to 25% more on your electric bill.  For more information on the US Department of Energy’s Energy Star program, visit .

We are proud to be a member of the Green Home Builders of the Triangle, an initiative of the National Association of Home Builders to promote sustainable construction.  To be certified as green, each home must pass a rigorous inspection process that fully documents the quality, care and consideration built into the home.  While energy efficiency is important, it is only one aspect of green building.  To be certified green, a home must incorporate all of the following attributes:

  • Site design,
  • Resource efficiency and durability,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Water conservation,
  • Indoor air quality,
  • Homeowner education, and
  • Global impact.